Europe, Middle East and Africa Training Schedule

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Live-training schedule

Click the link below to find the upcoming training sessions to be delivered, either remotely or in a conventional classroom, by Motorola Solutions Technical Instructors.Thanks to the distance learning technologies we use and our remote labs, learners can experience the benefits of instructor-led sessions either in a virtual environment or in our Training Centre. Learners and instructors will have the opportunity to interact, collaborate in real time and enjoy live discussions, demonstrations & activities whether they choose to visit us or attend a virtual session.

Learn more about each class and book a seat using the link to the Learning eXperience Portal sign-up page provided.


Self-paced training

We also have a wide offer of self-paced training; click here to see the online training that will allow you to gain foundational knowledge on a variety of topics, and get ready for your instructor-led training at your own schedule.

Complete your enrollment to access resources.